Worship Ministry

Therefore by Him, let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name.  Hebrews 13:15

The word for “worship” used most often in scripture is the Hebrew term “shachah”.  It means literally “to bow down”.  How does this relate to our worship today centering around singing?  When we sing to God, He is pleased only when the songs flow out of hearts fully humbled before Him.  Under the Old Covenant, worship was carried out through acts of literal sacrifice.  Today is no different.  Though we aren’t expected to offer animal sacrifices to God, we are to offer our lives in utter humility.  This bowing of our hearts as motivation for singing with all that we are is the worship that pleases our Father.

With this as our philosophical foundation of worship, the Worship Ministry at Harvest seeks to provide music that is excellent.  Psalm 33:3 teaches that we are to play and sing skillfully, and we take this to heart.  God appreciates beauty and excellence, and He has created us with this same capacity.  We believe our hard work helps provide an atmosphere where our church family is better able to focus on, bow before, and glorify God.


Find Your Place

The Worship Ministry at Harvest has many places for you to use your gifts.  If you are interested in leading worship in any area of worship ministry, find out more by clicking below and contact Ben Arant at barant@harveskc.org

If you’re interested in becoming involved in leading worship, it’s important that you know we see our ministry as a serious responsibility not to be pursued casually.  God calls us, as His followers, to commit all we are to Him, and we believe this is to be reflected in the way each of us approaches ministry on a personal level.  If you’re not sure to which ministry you want to make a commitment, it’s okay to try out for yourself those you think may be a good fit.  Please feel free to communicate with or ask questions of any Harvest staff member or Ministry Leader, as we believe it is our responsibility to help you find your place in God’s church.

Worship Ministry Application