Week of Prayer

One of our four pillars is: “Believing firmly in the power of prayer.” While prayer is a great resource that is designed to be used all the time (Luke 18:1; 1 Thess. 5:17), it is valuable for a community of believers to set aside intentional concentrated time to focus on this all important discipline. Beginning Monday, November 7, we will embark on such a time as a church family. We want to invite you in whatever life context you find yourself to participate. To that end, we are offering both personal as well as corporate opportunities to focus on prayer this week. We challenge you to participate in as many activities as you can as well as to focus in your personal life on setting aside time this week to pray!

  • Corporate Prayer: Monday (November 7) @ Harvest Flag Poles | 6:30 pm | Focus: Our Nation and the Elections
  • Corporate Prayer: Thursday (November 10) @ Drive5 Sports (12140 W 135th St, OP, KS 66221) | 6:00 am | Focus: Building Transition*
  • Corporate Prayer: Sunday (November 13) @ Harvest Auditorium | During the Thanksgiving Meal | Focus: The Health and Unity of Christ’s Church
  • Personal Prayer: Around the Clock Prayer | Sign Up for a One Hour Slot of Dedicated Prayer | Click Here
  • Personal Prayer: Intentional Personal Focus on Prayer
  • SG Prayer: Intentional Focus on Prayer in Small Groups

*(If you are unable to attend the morning prayer, we encourage you to drive by some time Thursday and pray in the parking lot.)